Quality And Professional Firearm Photography With Ninja Speed


Ninja Shot is operated by the same owner as Product Shot Ninja and was created due to Product Shot Ninja's firearm/firearm accessory clients needing a photography studio that could easily and directly accept shipments of FFL items - such as commercial firearms, custom Cerakoted/machined firearms, and receivers.  We are the only photography studio in the United States that has an FFL to accommodate the needs of our firearm manufacturing and customization clientele.

We are a CLASS 3 DEALER and we accept NFA items via Form 3.

We now offer 360° Photography!

Every Product Photographed Includes

Basic Retouching

Basic retouching and color-correction is included in the base price. All white backgrounds are true white.

Unlimited Usage

We allow you to use the images for whatever advertising/promotional purposes you want, forever!

High Resolution Files

Our files are more than large enough for all web uses and most print uses and are at least 2400px X 2400px.

Cloud File Delivery
Accurate Color Reproduction
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

What Is The Process?

1) Contact us for a price quote, a copy of our FFL, and the shipping address.
2) Ship your products to us.
3) When your products arrive, we unpack, inspect, log the acquisition, and prepare each item to be photographed.
4) We photograph your product and provide a basic retouch of the images.
5) We issue a Paypal invoice for the total payment due.
6) We deliver the product images to you via a private download link.
7) If you supplied a prepaid shipping label, we log the disposition and return the product to you.  If a prepaid shipping label is not provided, we will temporarily store the product for a maximum of 21 days, after which it will be considered a permanent acquisition.

Pricing Details


The base pricing for each firearm/receiver is $10.00.

Extra Images

We will include an extra (4) images of our choice.

(Additional Fee Per Product)


Complex Product

Required for all products that are glossy, reflective, white, clear, translucent, etc.

(Additional Fee Per Product)



Required for all products that are multi-piece, sets, or packages.

(Additional Fee Per Product)


Add A Prop

Add a prop to your product images - ammo, etc.

(Minimum Fee Per Product)


Multi-Prop/Elaborate Setup

Required for all requests that include multiple props or elaborate setups.

(Minimum Fee Per Setup)


Non-White BG

We offer alternate backgrounds - black, wood, tile, fabric, etc.

(Minimum Fee Per Setup)


Add A Live Model

Product images that need a live model to hold, wear, or demonstrate your product.

(Additional Fee Per Product)


Outdoor Location

We offer select outdoor locations that are geared towards outdoor sports, hiking, and hunting.

(Minimum Fee Per Product)


360° Photography

16-Frame 360° Photography

16 High-Res images, Animated GIF, and an MP4.

(Minimum Fee Per Product)

$50.00 (small/simple product)

$100.00 (medium/standard product)

360° Photography

24-Frame 360° Photography

24 High-Res images, Animated GIF, and an MP4.

(Minimum Fee Per Product)

$80.00 (small/simple product)

$120.00 (medium/standard product)

360° Photography

32-Frame 360° Photography

32 High-Res images, Animated GIF, and an MP4.

(Minimum Fee Per Product)

$100.00 (small/simple product)

$150.00 (medium/standard product)